Random Vids Bra!!!

Here are some vids to make your tummy tingle with joy! Guaranteed to make you laugh unless your an old gray haired alcoholic that can't get a job due to his lack of education. That's a mouthful! Want to post a video? Send me an email with the video or the link to that video. RARARARARARARARA!!!!!!! Enjoy Bra!!



Spiders on Drugs!!!

Will it Blend? -Chuck Norris

Worst Movie Scenes EVER!!!

Remix: Khaaaaaan!!!

Suspiciously Creepy Asian Video!!! (Cantana No. 147)

Fanta Commercial!! (??)

Powerthirst 2: Re-Domination!!

Home English Home!!! Lesson 2

Crazy Dancing Demon Child!!

Star Wars Kid: Jedi Version!!

What really happened to Abe Lincoln!!

Home English Home!! Lesson 1

Average Asian!!


The Avalanches: Frontier Psychiatrist

Craig Vs. Wild!!

Really Stupid Robber!!

Nathaniel likes to Dance!!!

Pinky the Cat!!

Jack Black as Spiderman!!!

Weird Al as Rambo!!

Ford Sportka!!

Mocha's First Broccoli!

Italian Beer Commercial!!

Silly Americans!!! (With subtitles)

David Blaine Street Magic 2:the sequel

Zelda for NES Commercial

Let me borrow that top!!!!!

Crazy Laughing baby!!!

The Kitty Cat dance song!!

George Bush in his natural habitat

Punching people before they eat!

David Blaine street magic!!!

Jesus is alive again!!!!