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( Sorry Kids! Chuck Norris is just too great for mere commoners to be reading!! He might come and kill you in your sleep with his aura if you do! Im doing you a favor!)

From Sunniboy7
::I dont get this place . . . Its great

From Supersayangohan68
::I got kicked out of the elevaator for shaving there!! lol!

From (Some tard without a name)
::When are the new vids man? How do you find these?

From JeFf
::Crap my pet is smoking!! ROFLLLLLLLL!!

From Marioisitalian
::Love the new sections!!

From MasterCheifwannabe458
::omg you must have like no life whatsoever. Nice

From JayJ754
::Dead Baby jokes? Those were terrible!!! Good job!

From Gohome709
::Haha awesome site dude

From Cap'n Latino
::I got 7 dates from those pick up lines!! And only four of them were actually girls!

From JKHASL/FEG$%89wr
::Chuck Norris has a pair of Superman pajamas. lol!!

From lahyral
::MANANA!! Thats my favorite flavor.

From mywifelauras67
::Dude Your Chuck Norris Facts kept me up for ever. Awesome!!

From Cheyyene!!!
::Hey! Nice site!