Random Pictures and Disturbing Images!!!

A long time ago I decided to not have a picture page since I couldn't find any good ones. BUT, after a few minutes of actually searching, I found many!!! So instead of selling them to criminals, I decided to share them with you!!! Prepare to laugh, cry, and void your bowels with these incredibly random photos of who knows what! (Except for me . . . and maybe the CIA . . .) WARNING!!!: I am not responsible for any loss of vision, organs, or bodily functions caused by these pictures! Well, maybe I am, but PLEASE DO NOT SUE!!!! Have fun you silly young people!!!

This probably has a meaning . . . Nah, it doesn't

They couldn't just go to college . . .

Technology at its best

. . . . . . ?

If only . . .

PUUUNCH!!! He was sued soon after.


How thoughtful!!

What does this even mean??