Music that has nothing to do with schnitzel!!!

Yes, i know. The music below has nothing to do with schnitzel. But this music rocks!!! They are some of my favorite songs, and some I got for decoration! Enjoy these 80s classics and Royksopp songs. If you don't, you probably only like metal, rap, or something lame like that. I like 80s and Royksopp! RARARARARARA!!!!

80s classics. Awesome to the Max.

No one can beat the classics man! Some of these songs suck, I admit, but Don't stop believing by Journey, my good fellow, is no joke. The first 7 songs are the best songs in history. What? You disagree with me? No sir, you are QUITE annoying!!! Enjoy!!!


Here is a pllylist of the best songs from the best band EVER. The first time I listened to these songs I was like "Woa! These songs go straight to your soul!" Ever since they were my favorite band. I hope you will worship them too.