Friends, Neighbors, and Random Bystanders!!!

Hey! What do you know!!! I actually have website friends now!!! I have been talking with some old buddies, and we are now partners. And when I say partners, I don't mean in a kinda creepy homo relationship. I mean like there is a guy that advertises another guy. So what I am trying to say is . . . . . GO TO THESE WEBSITES!!!!!!! DO IT!!!! DID YOU DO IT YET????? WHY NOT? IF YOU DON'T IN THE NEXT 2 MINUTES I WILL PERSONALLY GO TO YOUR HOME AND HIT YOU!!!!!!  Oh sorry! That was one of my famous anger moments. Forget that ever happened. So go to these websites, no matter how random they may be. Enjoy!! Oh, and uh . . . . Remember what I told you . . . . . *glares*

Pretty Awesome Anime Fansite!!!

Hey if you know me, you should know I am not that huge on anime. In fact, I don't really care for them at all. But this place is so incredibly delicious, You don't need to love anime to enjoy it. It has awesome chatrooms, so if you like that, goo there. NOW. Mostly a Naruto fansite, it has stuff like Comedy videos, music, and most importantly, chatrooms. The creator is Hyuugaitachi007, and he is quote "pwning to the maux." Yes, I am in fact am the one that said that. His organization is the emperors. You want to be one? Get on the Chatroom and chat with them. I don't care if you whine like a baby, just DO IT!!! So enjoy his website, and spread the word. If you don't . . . *glares* Well, let's just say you will be acquainted with a certain javelin through your face.