none of your real friends are on your top except talena
that explains alot about you cassidy
you should probably do something about that
and dont say derek did that
its your myspace not dereks
by the way,
i listened to that jesus anthem thing cause you told me to,
you probably dont remember but you did
he just says J-E-S-U-S followed by pretty lame lyrics that dont seem very religious
religious hip hop is like deth metal polka music
you should change it
and dont say it has a message cause really, it sounds like a guy was bored
oh, and remember that secret you told everyone anyway but pretended not to?
and you told ben and talena and
kept it a secret from me?
yeah that hurt
you pretty much told me i wasnt your friend and couldn't trust me and wiped my face in it
it might not seem like it, but you did
remember when you told me my dance was annoying?
i was about to say something REALLY mean
im meaner than you think
why do you think i didnt want to talk to you when you sat next to me?
its because you were one of the reason i wanted to shoot myself!
your annoying bossy attitude is really annoying you know that?
in band, expo, sectionals, anything
you think your in charge dont you?
well your not
your the same as any other person, just with a snobby "im the best and your my underling" attitude
not alot of people like you for tha you know
since im actualy nicer to other people, unlike you,
hey you know your a jerk
anyway, people tell me alot of secrets and talk to me
about things
about people
about you
they arent nice
people dont like you as much as you think
in fact,
when was the last time someone actually talked to you about anything
besides ben valerie and talena
i dont think ive ever seen you have a pleasant conversation with anyone besides your friends and section
think aboout it
have you?
has anyone
ever come to you for their problems?
i really doubt it
cause all you would say is
something really stupid they already knew
and just make them feel worse
by the way
this is the 3rd time you got back together with ben
that says alot
if you actually liked someone,
you would still be dating for the first time
it looks like your just trying to make yourself look good by saying "i have a boyfriend!"
im not the only one that thinks that you know
your not so popuar with people
you and ben have been so cruel to me for the past month
i cant sleep
or eat
or think straight