How to make your mind a weapon of mass destruction!!

Not many Americans know this, but people have an organ in their brain called the "Obesity Awareness Gland." This small rather invisible organ is right above your neocortex, and is used for telekinetic energy. Not really, but I just wanted to make it sound like a I knew something. But I have actually found a way to use your pathetic human mind as a deadly weapon. If you are thinking, "No way! You're retarded! Go jump in a lake and stay there!" Then you are a mean person that will end up in your mother's basement for all eternity while playing Dungeons and Dragons by yourself. Yay!!  Well if you want to make someone's head explode, read the things you cando below. But if it actually works, please do not sue me.

1.Touch your temples with 2 fingers while uttering,"Sha-na-na-na-na-na-na-na." If they ask what you are doing,  you have most likely scrambled their brain with your mind and erased their memory.
2. Hit them with a shovel. If they fall over and die, you did it right. You  mind killed them, not your shovel.
3. Get a crystal ball. If it shows nothing, you are not doing it right.
4. Say the words, "I am too much for you sir." Their eyes should start bleeding, or their head should explode.