HOLY CRAP A NEW SECTION!!!! How happy are you right? Put that knife and jar of pills down you silly goose! The new section is called "Random Images!!" Not trying to brag, but ITS THE BEST FREAKIN THING EVER CREATED BY HUMAN HANDS!!!! So check it out! Oh, I made sure they are appropriate for youngins, for I was asked by a random naggy soccer mom to do so. Not really, I just don't like that kind of stuff, but it will still make you tingle with joy. WEEEE!!! Enjoy!

Welcome to Schnitzel Bucket!!

Welcome to the shining essence that is Schnitzel bucket. The place where you can actually watch, play, or read something FUNNY, and post what ever you want. Just email me or leave a message on the chatroom with your name. This stuff is funny no matter who you are. It's scientifically proven. Well enjoy the beauty, and send me an email if you have any suggestions!

What exactly IS Schnitzel?

You are probably wondering what in all of God's green goodness schnitzel is. I know I am. Here are some definitions from the so called "dictionary," and the definition from the citizens of modern day America.
Dictionary Def.:schnit·zel   (shnĭt'səl) 
n.   A thin cutlet of veal, usually seasoned, that is dipped in batter and fried.

[German, from Middle High German snitzel, diminutive of sniz, slice, from snitzen, to carve, frequentative of snīden, to cut, from Old High German snīdan.]

The REAL Def.:schnit·zel   (shnĭt'səl)
n.   1.The ultimate source of pwnage.
      2.A gift from above, usually used as a method of praise.
[Comes from the Latin Word Holycrapthisstuffisthebestedibleobjectinthehistiryofhumanexistence.

One word . . . . . too beautiful.